Payroll Services

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Client-managed or full-service payroll is available as part of your bookkeeping package or as an à la carte service. All payroll services include direct deposit, vacation and sick time accrual, state and federal payroll tax calculations and filings. We also offer employee timesheet systems, benefits management, and assistance with workers' compensation audits.


Payroll is a necessary evil for most of my clients, but the schedules, tax tables, and filing requirements are more than they want to keep track of regularly.

We offer payroll services from several vendors, and will make a recommendation depending on the client’s needs and budget. If a client needs full-service payroll with specialized requirements, we may refer them to a local company that does nothing but payroll, and act as their liaison.

We also offer workers’ compensation audit assistance, employee benefits tracking, and payroll cost allocations for nonprofits. In addition, we can assist business owners with developing and budgeting for employee benefits, including retirement, and medical insurance or ICHRA plans.

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